Snody Knives & Leather
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Makers Choice - I pick the blade style and grind. You save a lot of money by getting in on the ground floor. This will be a medium size blade based on a cross between the Snody Big Boss and Snody Warmonger Patterns. Savagely Aggressive Blade Style. Blade length between 3.5” and 5”. Dangerously Sharp. Choose Magnacut Steel or Maker Choice Steel. Makers choice will be something I select from the following superb steels Cpm 3v, Crucible A2, American D2 or 80crv2. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Standard is right hand chisel grind of you want left hand just put it in notes.
•Hand Ground by Mike Snody
•Right Hand Chisel Grind
•Scary Sharp
•Lifetime Guarantee
• 21 day delivery (or less)
• No Refunds