About Mike Snōdy

Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Mike Snōdy and I have been building custom knives professionally since 1999. My private studio is located at 524 Main Street in Walsenburg Colorado. In over 20 years as a full time maker my philosophy and mission statement has never changed. Craftsmanship, Value and Performance. I insist that my knives are the best that I am capable of producing. My standards are very high and as a result my output is limited. I do not have employees and I do not outsource grinding or manufacturing. My knives are proudly handcrafted in the USA utilizing the highest performance materials available. My knives are widely recognized as some of the very finest cutting tools available on the planet. I work alone building knives one at a time and the international demand for my work has greatly exceeded the supply. When I have knives available they will be listed here. You can also visit Arizona Custom Knives or Blade HQ among many other online dealers to find an Authentic Mike Snody Custom Knife available for purchase. Thank you to all my clients and friends who support my small American Family Business. God Bless.